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Mustard essential oil is extracted from the black mustard seeds of the plant Brassica nigra. Brassica nigra belongs to the Cruciferae family and it is also known as Brassica sinapioides. It is the plant that has branched stems along with lobed lyre rough leaves. This plant bears yellow beautiful flowers in the whole summer. The seeds of this plant are useful in many herbal treatments and in treating various other ailments like indigestion, chilblains, coughs, chills, colds, lumbago, rheumatism, aches, pains, and arthritis. The use of mustard essential oil should be done with a bit caution as this oil is toxic in nature.

More Information
Botanical Name Brassica Nigra
Origin It has originated in India.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used Mustard essential oil is extracted using the steam distillation method from the black mustard seeds of the plant Brassica nigra.

As it contains Allyl isothiocyanate in high quantity, thus mustard essential oil is a hazardous oil. Only the oil contains this toxic component, not its seeds or powder. The toxic component develops in the process of extraction of oil.


This oil has a pungent and crisp fragrance which is intense and strong in nature.

Integrants The chemical constituents of this oil are Allyl isothiocynate which constitutes more than 90% of the oil, Oleic acid, Linoleic acid and Erucic acid.
Therapeutic Properties The therapeutic properties of this oil are stimulant, appetizer, irritation, hair vitalizer, tonic, diaphoretic, and many other such properties.
Blends Well With

It hardly mixes with any oil.


Mustard essential oil should not be inhaled. If inhaled, it can create problems in the occipital areas as well as inflammation in the eye’s conjunctiva. Its inflammation can also be witnessed in the respiratory and mucus membrane.

Irritant: Even with its irritant properties Mustard essential oil is profitable for many. It can help in stimulating particular areas in the body with its irritant properties

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