Mitti Attar or Fullers Earth or Baked Earth

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Mitti attar is an aroma of dry parched earth surface when hit by the monsoon rains. This attar is commonly known as fuller’s earth fragrance and botanically it is called as attar of eastern soil. This perfume oil is one of the best choices for the feeling of refreshing scent of the wet earth. Due to its pleasing fragrance, it invokes the feeling of regeneration in the person who is suffering from stress and anxiety. Mitti attar is widely used in the perfume, aromatherapy, medicinal and skin care industries.


Mitti Attar oil is the best choice for feeling the refreshing aroma of the wet earth. Its botanical name is Attar of Earthern Soil.

More Information
Botanical Name Fullers Earth
Origin It has originated in India.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used This Attar is extracted from the herb by the method of Hydro-Distillation.

It is pure gold in color.


Its aroma is sweet and soothing.

Integrants It comprises of Indian white Sandalwood essential oil and essence of clean baked earth.
Therapeutic Properties This Attar has many skincare and medicinal properties which helps in maintaining the perfect health.
Blends Well With

Mitti Attar easily blends with all other attars and sandalwood floral water.


It is non-toxic and you can use it without any worry.


Perfume industry: - Mitti attar is has got a very lovely fragrance so; it is widely used in the perfume industry. Many people prefer to choose this attar only for fragrance purposes.

Skin care: - This attar is best for maintain the glow of the skin. It is considered to be the best attar for skin as it decreases the greasiness and extra oil from the skin in turn

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