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There are innumerable benefits associated with Olive oil, which are generally manifested in health magazines, herbal books and in events that are organized for the promotion of these kinds of versatile medicines. This oil is extracted from the pulp of Olea europaea which belongs to Oleaceae family.

It is widely used as a massage oil and can be used for the treatment of cancer, aging, metabolism, weight loss, cholesterol, arthritis, heart problems, diabetes, breast cancer and many more. Olive oil is a staple ingredient for different medicinal purposes and culinary preparations. Recent medical researchers have substantiated that it is overloaded with incredible health benefits.

It is rich in monounsaturated fat substance, which is vital for lowering the bad cholesterol level. This oil contains the very good amount of oleic acid and antioxidant polyphenols. Olive oil is indeed a healthy option to people who are accustomed to vegetable oils. It has lots of calories; therefore it is advised to use it in a moderate amount. If you are the one who want to reduce the risk of heart diseases, then as per the guidelines of Food and Drug administration, two tablespoons are enough to reduce any cardiac risk. To know more about how cooking with Australian olive oil

Our olive oil is also referred as oil of Olea europaea.

Buy pure olive oil from us at very reasonable price.

We have tried our best to provide the complete information about the olive oil. However, it may not be 100% correct or some points are absent here. Since, the details are for educational purpose only, it is preferable to seek medical help before starting any health treatment using this essential oil.

Product Details
Botanical Name Olea Europaea
Origin It grows in Iran, Asia Minor and Syria.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used It is extracted by cold pressing of seeds.

Olive oil has light gold to rich green color.


It has very fresh scent.

Integrants The main components of olive oil are erucic acids, palmitic, stearic, palmitoleic, oleic, linoleic, linolenic, gadoleic, behenic, and arachidic.
Therapeutic Properties Along with anti-healing, olive oil also shows oxidant and anti allergic properties.
Blends Well With

Olive oil mixes well with several essential oils.


This oil should not be used in a ruptured ear drum. Before using it in ear, always check its temperature.

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