Rose Oil (Hydro Distilled) Absolute Oil

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Rose Oil (Hydro Distilled) Absolute Oil is extracted through hydro distillation method from the petals of rose. Rose is a genus of Rosa, which belongs to the family Rosaceae. The word Rose is taken from Latin word of Rosa. Since ancient times, it is used to denote the symbol of love and its awesome aroma provides the divine feeling. Absolute oil of Rose possesses excellent antiseptic properties due to which it is widely used to treat cuts and wounds. It also provides relief from muscle spasms.

More Information
Botanical Name Rosa damascena
Origin has originated from Morocco, Egypt and France.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used It is extracted through hydro distillation method from the petals of rose.

It is a clear to pale yellow colored liquid.


It has a deep rosy fragrance.

Integrants The main chemical component of this absolute oil is Phenylethyl alcohol.
Therapeutic Properties The therapeutic property of this absolute oil is Phenylethyl alcohol.
Blends Well With

Rose Oil (Hydro Distilled) Absolute Oil blends well with Patchouli, Vanilla, Chamomile, Geranium and Ylang-ylang essential oils.


Woman during their pregnancy period should seek medical advice before using this absolute oil.

Antiseptic: This absolute oil is an efficient way to treat cuts and wounds. Due to its antiseptic property it is widely used in the formulation of antiseptic lotions. Applying this oil on the affected parts protect wound to become septic. 

Antispasmodic: Rose absolute oil provides relief from spasms in the muscles, limbs, intestines and respiratory system. Besides this, it also helps to heal muscle pulls, convulsions, cramps which is occurred due to spasms. 
Aphrodisiac: This absolute oil is enormously popular among those people those who are suffering from loss of sexual appetite, erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, frigidity, and disinterest in intercourse with partners. Its amazing aroma arouses you and augments the libido while creating perfect ambience for romance. 
Uterine: It helps lots of women from their feminine troubles such as bleeding, irregular menstruation, uterine discharge and many other problems. Not only this, it cleanses the uterus as well, and helps in functioning properly.  By regulating the menstrual cycle, it eliminates the symptoms and troubles of menstruation, including cramping, mood swings, excessive bleeding, hormonal imbalance and bloating.
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