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Citriodora Essential oil is extracted from the leaves of eucalyptus tree using the method of steam distillation. The botanical name of this tree is Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil. This oil has originated from Australia but today it is widely cultivated in Indonesia. This oil is colorless to pale yellow in color with a watery viscosity.  Citriodora Essential oil has got good anti bacterial property which actually makes it a very powerful antiseptic and relieves cough and cold. If this oil is exposed to air then it can form ozone.  

More Information
Botanical Name Eucalyptus citriodora
Origin It was originated in China and is now found in various parts of the world which includes Egypt, India, Spain and South Africa.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used The oil is extracted from the flower buds of the plant by the process of steam distillation.

Citriodora Essential oil  is a colorless to pale yellow liquid.  


This oil has got a strong and fresh smell of rose citronella.

Integrants Citriodora Essential oil contains isopulegol isomer, citronellyl acetate, α-pinene citronellal, α-citronellol, p-cymene, citronellal dimmers, and β-caryophyllene.
Therapeutic Properties This oil is best for dandruff and hair loss.
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People having tender skin should use this oil in very low concentration else it may cause irritation to your skin. It can prove to be very toxic if taken internally.


Generally, this oil is used in the production of various different perfumes and floor washes to clean the floors. Also

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