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The botanical name of Tuberose oil is Polianthes tuberosa and it is extracted from the flowers of the plant. Polianthes tuberosa is also known as tubereuse and tuberosa. It is extracted by the process called Enfleurage. In extraction from the fresh flowers, only those flowers are plucked whose petals haven't opened yet. It is one of the most ancient flowers and is used for a number of purposes. It is a perennial plant which grows in elongated spikes almost up to 18 inches long and develops clusters of many fragrant flowers.


More Information
Botanical Name Polianthes tuberosa
Origin Tuberose oil found its origin in Central America. Now, it is actually cultivated all over the world for the flower business and especially in China, France, Egypt and Morocco.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used This oil is actually extracted from the Polianthes tuberosa of the Agavaceae family.


This oil has a heavy, spicy, sweet fragrance.




It has got Sweet, Rich, Floral, a little Spicy aroma.


Integrants The main chemical components of This oil are benzyl alcohol, nerol, farnesol menthyl benzoate, butyric acid, menthyl anthranilate, eugenol and geraniol.
Therapeutic Properties Tuberose oil is aphrodisiac, acts as deodorant, relaxing, a great sedative, very warming and a nice antiseptic.
Blends Well With

Tuberose oil blends very well with neroli, rose otto, carnation, Peru balsam, gardenia, jasmine, violet and ylang ylang.


Tuberose oil is not usually used in aromatherapy. It is used in the perfume industry as a constituent of high-quality perfumes and is said to have narcotic material. Since, the fragrance of this oil is highly intense so, it can cause headaches. It is recommended that this oil should be used in well diluted proportions only. 


Aphrodisiac: Because of its foremost aphrodisiac properties, Tuberose oil is also referred to as "Mistress of the Night" and "Night Queen". It is used both in herbal medicines and aromatherapy owing to its aphrodisiac properties. Its strong aroma has such an intoxicating and intense effect that it fills the atmosphere with the feeling of love and romanticism. If you feel the lack of libido and frigidity

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