White Oudh Attar

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The white oudh attar is one of the most expensive attars as it takes 70 kg of oudh wood to extract 30 ml of its quantity. This traditional attar has acquired wide demands due to its sweet and woody fragrance that endorse relaxation and tranquility. Its relaxant property helps to enhance the effect of meditation for bringing enlightenment. The overall balancing and warming qualities makes it wonderful for rejuvenating mind and body.

Product Details
Botanical Name Aquilaria sinensis
Origin Historical evidences have shown that it was originated in south Asia around India, China and Thailand.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used Trunk and roots of white oudh tree is used to obtain the purest quality attar through Hydro-Distillation extraction process.

Watery viscosity and clear in color


The aroma of this attar is sweet, pleasant and woody

Integrants This attar consists of Agarol, Agarospiral, α-agarofuran and β-agarofuran, Eudesmol, Jinkohol-eremol, Guaiol, Selinene and 2-(2-phenylethyl) chromone
Therapeutic Properties It is extensively praised for its numerous therapeutic properties such as relaxtant, nervine, anti-rheumatic, anti-convulsant, anti-asthmatic, and carminative diuretic
Blends Well With

It blends perfectly with Rosemary, Carnation, Sandalwood and Geranium oil.


Although it is safe to use this attar by everyone, but pregnant ladies should avoid this oil during pregnancy phase.

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