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Blue lotus is an aquatic plant which belongs to the Nymphaeaceae family. The flowers of blue lotus is found in the muddy pound which opens in the morning and collapse in night. Blue lotus flowers are having a size of 10 to 15 cm in diameter with the rounded of 25-40 cm across. In the present time, it is extensively used in the preparation of blue lotus tea, martinis and wine. This absolute oil is famous for its pleasing fragrance and filled with the calming and soothing properties which are used for eliminating the mental stress and muscle spam related ailments..

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We tried our best to gather all the necessary information about Blue lotus absolute oil. However, we do not claim that all the information provided above by us is 100% complete and authentic. The above information is only for the educational purpose, we advised you to take medical guidance before start using this oil.

More Information
Botanical Name Nymphaea Caerulea
Origin It is native to India.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used Solvent extraction method is used to obtain this oil from the extracts of blue lotus flower.
Properties The Blue lotus absolute oil is having blue color.
Aroma It possesses a very sweet and exotic aroma.
Blends Well With It mixes well with other floral oils
Precautions Woman during their pregnancy phase should seek proper medical advice before using this oil.

It is highly demanded by the aromatherapy centers to cure their patients who are troubling from the nervous related problems such as stress, mental tiredness, anxiety, headache, etc. It provides the soothing and calming effects to your mind as well as body to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Due to its mind blowing exotic aroma it is highly demanded by the perfumery industries. It is extensively used in the production of myriad variety of aromatic products which includes incense stick, scents, candles, perfumes, room freshener and many more.
It is a best pain reliever and provides the effective result to get relieve from the muscle spasm and   euphoric sensations. 
This absolute oil is enriched with the aphrodisiac property which boost up the sexual desire and helpful for curing the sex related ailments like erectile dysfunctions, loss of sexual interest and short term impotency
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