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Cumin seed essential oil is very popular essential oil. It is generally extracted from Cuminum cyminum. It belongs to Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) family.

More Information
Botanical Name Cuminum cyminum
Origin It has originated from Mediterranean area.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used Ripe seeds are used for the extraction of oil by the method of steam distillation.

This oil has clear to pale yellow color.


This essential oil has spicy as well as penetrating smell.

Integrants Cumin seed oil contains Cuminic acid. Along with this, its other components are Limonene, Dipentene, Phellandrene, Cymene and Pinene.
Therapeutic Properties This oil has several therapeutic properties that include detoxifier, bactericidal, nervine, carminative, digestive, emenagogue, diuretic, antiseptic, anti spasmodic, tonic and stimulant.
Blends Well With

Cumin seed essential oil perfectly blends with Angelica, Camomile


As this oil has photo-toxic effect, it should not be exposed to sun. Always use very little quantity of oil. Its high quantity may promote headache or nausea.

Cumin seed oil is very beneficial for the treatment of internal bacterial infections. It is also helpful in preventing skin, wound and eye infection. If you want to get relief from muscle pain, headache, this oil is very useful.

Bactericidal: Cumin seed essential oil is a great bactericidal oil, which can be used to treat problems like cholera and diarrhea, diseases for which bacteria is responsible.

Carminative: This oil is effective in driving away gases from the intestines, and so it has got carminative uses too. It even restricts their further formation.

Diuretic: Cumin seed essential oil is an effectual diuretic oil which is capable of increasing the frequency of urination, and this helps in driving away harmful toxic materials from your body. Excess urination also helps in removal of additional water which sometimes can also lead to swelling.

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