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Juhi Attar is extracted from the flowers of Juhi plant. Juhi is one of the most eye catching flowers and this is the main reason why it deserves a special attention. This plant requires temperature “between 15°C to 40°C”. The name jasmine covers an extensive assortment of shrubs and vines that come from all across the world.  This flower is used by pious people at the sacred places to offer prayer to their god and get their blessings. 

More Information
Botanical Name Jasminum auriculatum
Origin It has originated from India.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used It is extracted by Hydro-Distillation process. Flowers of juhi plant are used to extract this perfume oil.

It is orange brown in colour. 


It possesses rich, deep, intense, floral and pleasing aroma.

Blends Well With

It blends well with Indian Sandalwood essential oil and other attars.


This perfume oil should be avoided by women during their pregnancy phase without consulting an expert. 

This traditional perfume oil has highly refreshing, pleasing and enriching aroma that’s why most of the aromatic industries are availing the benefit of this attar. 

Aromatherapy:  In aromatherapy treatments, this traditional perfume oil is used to provide relief against mental stress, fatigue and annoyance. The problem of sleeplessness and depression can also be cured effectively by using this perfume oil. 
Cosmetic products: As this traditional perfume oil has skin friendly property and alluring whiff that’s why it is used in the formulation of various cosmetic products.  It is used as the chief ingredient or as a fragrant agent in the production of cosmetic lotions, creams and other products. 
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