Oakmoss Absolute Oil

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Oakmoss Absolute Oil is extracted through solvent extraction method from the light green lichen found in Oak tree. The green lichen is mainly found on the trunk and branches of oak trees. Lichen belongs to the family parmeliaceae and is mainly extracted for its stimulating and cooling aroma.

More Information
Botanical Name Evernia prunastri
Origin It has originated from Yugoslavia.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used It is extracted through solvent extraction method from the light green lichen found in Oak tree.

It is a viscous liquid in a dark green color.


It is having a sweet, earthy mossy, phenolic type of smell.

Integrants The main chemical components of this absolute oil are Evernic acid, d-usnic acid, Atranorine, Chloratronorine.
Therapeutic Properties The therapeutic properties of this absolute oil are Antiseptic, demulcent, expectorant, restorative and many more.
Blends Well With

Oakmoss Absolute Oil blends well with other essential oils which include Neroli (orange blossom), Patchouli, Geranium, Cypress, Lavender and Citrus.


Pregnant woman should seek medical advice before using this absolute oil.

Antiseptic: “Septic” This little word looks like a dreaded villain. Septic is mainly caused due to the growth of microbes such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi. It occurs mainly in cuts and wounds. This absolute oil possesses amazing antiseptic properties. It works efficiently on cuts and wounds thereby helps in removing the microbes which are already present in the cuts and wounds. Due to its magnificent antiseptic property, it is used in the production of antiseptic creams, lotions and gels. It does not provide burning sense like tincture. 

Demulcent: Demulcent stands for soothing. So, this absolute oil works well on any type of irritation or inflammation. It soothes the skin thereby keeps it soft and glowing by upholding the moisture content and oil balance of the skin. It is also helpful in providing relief from inflammations, wounds, scratches and irritations in the stomach, intestines and in the esophagus which is caused due to spicy food, acidity, ingestion. Last but not the least; it also has soothing effects on the excretory tracts and on the mucous membrane.  

It acts as a perfect skin sanitizer. It is highly beneficial for oily skin and also effective in eliminating skin troubles such as scars, blemishes, acne and many more. It is also used in cosmetic industry for the production of skin care products.



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