Broom / Genet Absolute Oil

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The absolute form of Broom/ genet oil is obtained from the flowers of broom shrub which belongs to the legume family fabaceae of evergreen, semi- green and delicious shrubs. This plant is having a thick, slim green stems with small leaves and found in the dry, sandy soil.  The Broom / Genet Absolute Oil are enriched with the wonderful therapeutic properties which are used for curing the numerous health ailments. It is well known for its pleasing fragrance and also identified by the various common names of Broom Tops, Irish Tops, Basam, Bisom, Bizzom, Browme, Brum, Breeam and Green Broom.

More Information
Botanical Name Spartium Junceum
Origin It is native to Italy, Spain and south of France.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used Solvent extraction method is used to extract this oil from the flowers of broom.

The color of this oil is semi solid.


It is having intense sweet and floral hay like whiff.

Integrants It comprises the Cardiac alkaloids like genistein, sarothamnin, sparteine, Oxytyramine etc.
Therapeutic Properties It has anti-arrhythmic, diuretic, cardio tonic and other therapeutic properties.
Blends Well With

It blends well with 6- acetoxydihydrotheaspirane, 2- acetyl pyridine, 2- acetyl-5-methyl furan1- acetyl cyclohexyl acetate, acorn acetate, allyl phenyl acetate, allyl phenoxyacetate


Nursing mothers and pregnant women should seek a medical advice before using this oil.

This wonderful absolute oil naturally works in flushing out the harmful toxins like uric acid acids etc from your body.

It is enriched with the amazing soothing properties which are extensively used in aromatherapy treatments for treating the nervous related problems like stress, anxiety, depression, pain, etc.   
This absolute oil is used to provide softness and warmth to the body muscles.  It is also utilized for the hypertensive and narcotic treatment. 
It is also used as color dye.
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