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Nutmeg essential oil is derived from Myristica fragrans. It is the member of Myristicaceae family. This tree grows very tall (up to 70 feet).  In aromatherapy, this essential oil is widely used nowadays to combat inflammations.

Nutmeg is also known by the names of mace, muscdier, muskatbaum, magic,  myristica, noz moscada, nux moschata etc. During the time of Elizabeth, nutmeg essential oil was used to treat plague. This oil is very helpful in treating pain, menstrual cramps, stress, heart disorders, cough, indigestion etc.



More Information
Botanical Name Myristica fragrans
Origin Basically, it is native to Molucca islands.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used This essential oil is extracted from the dried seeds by the process of steam distillation.

It is colorless to pale yellow liquid.


Nutmeg oil has sharp and spicy odor.

Integrants It comprises of a-pinene, camphene, b-pinene, sabinene, myrcene, a-phellandrene, limonene, a-terpinene, 1,8-cineole, y-terpinene, safrole, linalool, terpinen-4-ol, methyl eugenol and myristicin.
Therapeutic Properties This oil has various therapeutic properties that include analgesic, antirheumatic, antispasmodic, antiseptic, carminative, emmenagogue, laxative, digestive, parturient, stimulant and tonic.
Blends Well With

It mixes completely with black pepper, cypress, geranium, clary sage, rosemary and orange.


Nutmeg essential oil should not be used by pregnant ladies.

Digestive problems: Nutmeg oil is used to stimulate digestive system. It is also used to chronic vomiting, fight nausea and diarrhea. In constipation, it is very beneficial. Along with this

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