Lavender Brown Absolute Oil

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Lavender Brown Absolute is derived from the flowers of Lavender by food grade solvent extraction method. Lavender is found all across the world. It is scientifically known by the name of Lavandula. This absolute giving plant has purple colored flowers and belongs to Lamiaceae family.

More Information
Botanical Name Lavendula augustifolia
Origin It has originated from India.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used It is extracted through food grade solvent extraction method from the flowers of Lavender.

It is green-yellow to green-brownish in color.


It has floral whiff.

Integrants The main chemical components of this absolute are hydroxy citronellal extra, Rhodinol, Oil bergamot extra, Oil lavender barreme, and lavender absolute barreme.
Therapeutic Properties Insomnia, Diuretic, Respiratory Problems and Pain Relief.
Blends Well With

Lavender Brown Absolute blends well with various oils to be used as Insect repellent, Scent linen and Deter moths.


Pregnant women should seek proper medical attention before using this absolute.

Insomnia: Lavender absolute is quite beneficial for those people who are suffering from lack of sleep. It induces good sleep, thereby recommended by most of the physicians to their patients suffering from insomnia.  


Diuretic: This absolute is ideal for treating urinary problems as it stimulates good urine formation. It helps in eliminating harmful toxins from the body such as excessive bile, uric acid as well as salts. Moreover, this absolute helps restoring hormonal balance and prevents inflammation in the urinary bladder. 


Respiratory Problems: This absolute is broadly preferred for treating respiratory problems such as cough, cold, flu, whooping cough, infections, sinus congestion, asthma, bronchitis, tonsillitis and laryngitis. Also, it is added in most of the inhalers and vaporizers for relieving cough.


Pain Reliever: It is ideal for healing various types of pains such as muscular aches, tense muscles, sore muscles, backache, sprains, rheumatism and lumbago. A good massage with this wonderful oil can provide effective relief from pain in joints.

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