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This attar is produced from the pinus succinefera which is the fossilized sap of giant prehistoric conifer. It is prepared by the combination of amber resin and Indain white sandalwood. This natural perfume oil also comprises the major constituents of Carene, sabinene, pinene and limonene. It is useful in treating various health complications such as asthma, aphrodisiac, rheumatisum and other internal problems.

More Information
Botanical Name Pinus Succinifera
Origin It has originated from India.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used The pure form of this attar is extracted from the crude fossil resin through the Hydro-Distillation method.

Amber attar is colorless to white


It is having rich and sweet fragrance. 

Integrants It contains the chemical composition of Carene, sabinene, limonene, pinene.
Blends Well With

You can mix it with other essential oils


This perfume oil is safe to use but pregnant women should take medical advices before using this attar.

This wonderful attar has cell rejuvenating effects which is helpful in the growth of new cell. It refreshes your skin and helpful in treating the various skin related problems.

Nowadays, due to hectic and busy life style there are number of people who are suffering from the lack of sexual desire and libido problem which disturb their marital relationship. This oil comprises the aphrodisiac agents which are helpful in solving this deficiency. 
This natural perfume has a very pleasing and sweet fragrance which makes it a prime component in the making of various exclusive perfumes. Therefore it is highly demanded by the perfume manufactures. 
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