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Calamus oil is actually extracted from Acorus calamus var. angustatus from the family of Araceae. It is a medicinal herb that grows very fast in near streams, water, lakes and small ponds. This oil has number of prominent uses and properties. It is used in many therapeutic and medicinal properties.

More Information
Botanical Name Acorus calamus
Origin This oil is found in the entire northern hemisphere which includes regions of India, US. Canada, old lands of China and others.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used The oil is extracted from the clean roots or the unpeeled dehydrated root by the process of steam distillation.

It is a pale, thick and a yellow liquid.


This oil has a spicy odor, warm, evocative of a sweet forest.

Integrants The main chemical components of calamus oil are camphone, b-gurjunene, acorenone, asarone, isoshyobunine, b- calamendiol, a-calacorene, a-selinene, calamusenone, and shyobunone.
Therapeutic Properties Anticonvulsant, Antiseptic, Carminative, Spasmolytic, Diaphoretic, Stomachic, Hypotensive, Insecticide, Expectorant, Bactericidal, Stimulant, Vermifuge and Tonic
Blends Well With

This oil blends well with oregano


This oil should not be used for the purposes of aroma therapies.

Reinvigorate mind: Diffuse few drops in vaporizer or oil burner to spread the mystical aroma of calamus oil within the room. Deep breathing in this air effectively improves mental focus, concentration and alertness whilst aiding in memory retention process.

Mental Stress and Headache: Gently massage 3-4 drops of calamus oil over forehead to alleviate headache, stress

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