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Blue Lotus belongs to the Nymphaeaceae family. Leaves of the blue lotus are generally rounded, 25–40 cm across, with a notch at the leaf stem and flowers are 10 to 15cm in diameter.  This natural oil has a wonderful combination of beautiful Blue Lotus absolute that is diluted to excellence in pure Mysore sandalwood oil. Penetrating, light and unearthly notes of Blue Lotus are mixed into rich, warm depths of Indian sandalwood oil that makes it stimulating as well as diverse way to relish its essence. It has the power to attract as well as hold onto fragrance of other aromatics.  

More Information
Botanical Name Nymphaea caerulea
Origin It has originated from India.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used It is extracted by using the Hydro-Distillation method from the flowers of blue lotus.

It has a very sharp, pleasant and exotic floral aroma. 

Blends Well With

It blends well with Sandalwood essential oil.


Although it is 100% safe to use but pregnant women should avoid using this attar without having advised by a proficient.  

This natural attar is in a huge demand all across the world as it is highly effective in curing numerous ailments. To avail the benefits associated with this attar you have to update yourselves with its optimum uses. 

Vapor therapy: This traditional oil is generally used by people at their home in the vapor therapy. You can recharge your mind and rejuvenate your energy by putting few drops of this natural oil and by inhaling its vapor. 
Perfumery:  This attar is known for its fragrance worldwide. Due to its alluring and attractive aroma it is one of the highly demanding traditional perfume oil all around the world. It is extensively used as a base ingredient in the formation of innumerable exclusive perfumes.
Aromatherapy:  In the aroma therapy treatment, almost all therapists extensively used this natural oil to provide relief to their patients who are suffering from stress, anxiety, absent mindedness, mental tiredness and many others. 
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