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Since long time, Bhringraj Oil has been very demanding as a highly effective natural remedy for hair. Due to the different therapeutic components available in this oil, it is very helpful to regain the natural strength, shine and volume of your hair. A gentle massage with Bhringraj Oil is useful for the people who are in the search of an effective solution to get rid of the problems like mental fatigue, stress, migraine and nervous affliction.

More Information
Botanical Name Eclipta prostrata
Origin Brazil, China, India and Thailand
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used Steam Distillation method is employed to extract this oil from the leaves of Eclipta prostrata (Bhringraj).

Green in color


Strong aromatic odour

Integrants Ecliptal, Terthienyl-methanol, Desmethyl wedelolactone, Glutamic acid, Cystine, Phenylalanine, Tryosine,Methionine, Dithiophene, Heptacosanol, Hentriacontanol, Stigmasterol
Therapeutic Properties antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial, antiviral, antileprotic, antihaemorrhagic, analgesic, antihepatotoxic, hypotensive and ovicidal

Nursing mothers and children are suggested not to use this oil.

Regain The Hair Growth: The essential key to regain the growth of hair is to improve the blood circulation in your scalp. Bhringraj Oil plays a significant role over here. Take a few drops of Bhringraj Oil for taking a gentle scalp massage before you go to bed. A week later, you can see the difference in your hair growth.

Prevent Hair Graying: A regular use of Bhringraj Oil has been found to be highly beneficial in preventing hair graying which results in regaining the original hair color in the long run.
Irritation Free Scalp: The essential oil of Bhringraj is widely acclaimed for giving the best hair treatment among all other remedies. It prevents scalp infections including dandruff and provides you an irritation free scalp.
Cooling Effects: When it comes to solve hair problems, there is nothing that can beat Bhringraj Oil. Apart from this, the essential oil works magnificently on both mind and body which is helpful for relieving stress, anxiety and other associated problem.


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