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Tea, Green Absolute Oil is extracted through the solvent extraction method from the leaves and buds of green tea.  It is obtained from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. Camellia sinensis is a species whose leaves and buds are used to produce the popular beverage tea. This absolute is miraculous for the people who are suffering from the bad cholesterol problem as it promotes HDL. It is also effective in slowing down the growth of cancer cells.

Our Tea, Green Absolute Oil is also prominent as organic Tea, Green Absolute Oil

If you are keen to avail the benefits of Tea, Green Absolute Oil, then we welcomes you at our store.

The information which has been provided on our website regarding Tea, Green Absolute Oil is best of our knowledge. However, we are not claiming it to be 100% complete. Always consult your physician before starting any treatment.

More Information
Botanical Name Thea sinensis L
Origin It has originated from France.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used It is extracted through solvent extraction method from the leaves and buds of green tea.
Properties It is an amber colored liquid.It is an amber colored liquid.
Aroma It possesses an herbal aroma.
Integrants The main chemical components of this absolute oil are Polyphenols and Theaflavins.
Therapeutic Properties The therapeutic properties of this absolute oil are anti-depressant, antioxidant and anti inflammatory.
Blends Well With Tobacco Absolute Oil particularly blends well with anise star eo, artemisia oils, orange blossom abs, nutmeg eo, rosa bourbonia abs and many more.
Precautions Woman during their pregnancy phase should avoid using this absolute oil.

The green absolute oil is highly effective in improving the ratio of good (HDL) cholesterol to bad (LDL) cholesterol. It also reduces the risk of hypertension. 

It inhibits the growth of different types of cancer cells such as brain, breast, heart and bone. 
It is highly beneficial for obese people in reducing the excess weight. 
It comprises antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties which work magically on acne, scars, blemishes, aging and dark circles. It also protects skin from the adverse effects of ultra violet sun rays that causes many types of skin troubles. 
It is highly effective to heal various ailments such as cough, cold, flu, fever etc.
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