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 Sandal Vicco is extracted from the Santalum album using steam distillation process. This Santalum album is very expensive as it is found very rarely nowadays. It has a very strong aroma and is pale yellow in color. Indian sandalwood or Santalum album is a rare species and hence, it is very costly. It takes about 30 to 60 years to become mature.

More Information
Botanical Name Santalum album
Origin It is originated in India.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used It is extracted from the selected dried heartwood by the process of steam distillation.

  Sandal Vicco is pale yellow in color.


 It has very harsh and strong aroma.

Integrants The main components of sandal vicco are turmeric, stearic acid, sobitol, sodium hydroxide etc.
Therapeutic Properties It shows amazing healing properties for skin. It also acts as an aphrodisiac.
Blends Well With

 Sandal vicco mixes well with all other carrier oils.



It is non-toxic.

 It is an amazing choice for skin. Along with moisturizing your skin, it is also very helpful to get rid of depression

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