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This Traditional perfume oil of raat rani offered by us is made by the flowers of Cestrum Noctrnum by using the base note of sandalwood.  Raat rani is the beautiful flower which blooms at the night and fall in the morning. This greenish white evergreen shrub is having a narrow leaves and produces the enchanting aroma in night which can attracts anyone. This pure attar has no alcohol and free from any kind of chemical preservatives.  It is also known by the different names of night blooming cestrum, queen of the night, lady of the night and night blooming jasmine.

More Information
Botanical Name Cestrum Noctuneum
Origin It has originated from the land of India.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used It is obtained from the flower of Cestrum Nocturnum by using the hydro-distillation process.

It is having a brown color.


It has tea like aroma and soft sweetness of the flowers.

Blends Well With

You can mix it with sandalwood oil.


Pregnant women should take medical guidance before starting it. 

Aromatherapy treatments-: This pure natural attar has a very sweet floral aroma which provides the soothing and calming effects on your body. It stimulates your mind and revitalizes your body therefore it is used in aroma therapy to de-stressed your mind and eliminate the problems of depression, tension, etc.  

Perfume products- the enchanting attar of raat rani is considered as one of the powerful scented attars in all over the world. Due to its intense and long lasting aroma it is highly demanded by the perfume manufactures to produce the variety of exotic perfumes, scents and deodorants.  
Beauty products- Due to its pleasing fragrance this traditional perfume oil is used as prime components in the preparation of various cosmetic products such as shampoos, lotions, hair oils and many more. It is also used in the formulation of herbal medicine. 
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