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Pine oil is produced from the pinus sylvestris that belongs to Pinaceae family. Pinus sylvestris is also referred as forest pine. It is widely used for relieving sexual and physical fatigue. Furthermore, it is also used to improve circulation. There are numerous health benefits associated with this oil, which the medical practitioners are trying their level best to unravel. Pine oil is one of the most essential oil for aromatherapy and hence its contribution for making numerous aromatherapy preparations is increasing tremendously. The health benefits of this oil are attributed to its comforting properties like aromatic, antiseptic, antibacterial and diuretic.
More Information
Botanical Name Pinus pinaster
Origin The pine oil is extracted from the pine tree that grows up to 40 meters in height. Native Americans used this to prevent scurvy.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used It is extracted from the twigs and buds by the process of steam distillation.
Properties It has watery viscosity and is pale yellow in color
Aroma It has forest fresh scent.
Integrants Pine oil comprises 3-carene, bornyl acetate, a- and b-phallandrene, borneol, and a- and b-pinene.
Therapeutic Properties The main therapeutic properties of this oil are stimulant, antiseptic, hypertensive, bactericidal, balsamic, insecticidal, antimicrobial, antirheumatic, antineuralgic, diuretic, restorative, rubefacient, expectorant as well as adrenal cortex stimulant.
Blends Well With Pine oil blends with several oils such as sage, cedarwood, lavender, eucalyptus, niaouli and rosemary.
Precautions Pregnant women should avoid use of pine oil.
For your convenience, some of the eternal benefits of pine oil are listed below: Skin care: You can use pine oil for treating various skin problems, which worsen if not cured on time. Dermatologists prescribe it for fleas, sores, scabies, poor skin, vulnerable skin diseases, pimples, itching, psoriasis and many more. It gives you a shinny, revitalized, rejuvenated, balanced and mesmerizing skin. Cosmetics: You have to understand your skin type before using any cosmetic products. Pine oil has mesmerizing aroma, which makes it vital for any cosmetic product. It is used in the manufacture of scents and exquisite perfumes. You can use it for removing lice from hairs. It is also used as bath oil and massage oil and hence is highly used by soap manufacturers. Its soaps are very strong disinfectants. Metabolism: Pine essential oil is very beneficial in increasing the metabolism and hence boosts your activity levels. It helps a lot in purifying the body because of its ability to treat intestinal problems. Its diuretic properties help in removal of water from the body, which is deemed good for extreme cases like food poisoning. Pain: Pine oil is a perfect analgesic and hence it is recommended to people suffering from rheumatism, arthritis and joint pain. Stress disorder: This oil is known to have emotional benefits as it gives energizing feel, which is the most sought after requisite of any good stress relievers. Regular massage with this oil gives mental clarity. Pine oil removes anxiety and nervous tension that helps people suffering from loss of memory and loss of concentration. Being an excellent kidney cleanser, this oil is widely used for prostate, cystic and urinary problems. It is also helpful in treating various respiratory problems comprising cough, catarrh, laryngitis, bronchitis, as well as flu.
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