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Mimosa Absolute is the pure oil extracted from the flowers of Acacia decurrens as well as twig ends through the solvent extraction process. It originates from Australia and has floral, woody and sweet aroma due to which it is widely used in the aromatherapy application especially to relieve anxiety. The extract of this tree has been in use since long time as a traditional medicine for diarrhea. Due to its antiseptic and astringent properties it is widely used on wounds and infection. It has huge demand in the cosmetic industry as well.


The flowers of Mimosa are normally harvested during the March and April time, when they are in full bloom. It is widely used in the perfume industry to bring harmony among other fragrance in the mix. It has great effects on the skin due to which it is used in cleansing lotion and bath products.


It is an effective skin nourisher and moisturizer and soothe fears and worries. Mimosa flower is considered as a sign of hope in France. It has great cultural regards in the western countries.

More Information
Botanical Name Acaica Mirensi
Origin Mimosa Absolute is originated from India.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used Mimosa Absolute is extracted from flowers by solvent method

This Mimosa Absolute is pale yellow brown in color.


Mimosa Absolute has sweet and floral smell.

Integrants The main components of Mimosa Absolute are (Z)-heptadec-8-ene, Heptadecane, Nonadecane, Palmitic acid 2-phenethyl alcohol, Methyl anisate and Ethyl palmitate.
Therapeutic Properties It is very useful to get relief from anxiety, nervous tension and other stress problems. It has also great antiseptic and analgesic properties.
Blends Well With

Mimosa Absolute completely blends with Jojoba and Sunflower.


Mimosa Absolute is non-toxic as well as non-irritant.

It has floral

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