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This attar is formulated by heating bark of Wild Tree in a special earthen vessel with burnt bark and base oil like Sandalwood, Paraffin and others. The complete procedure of extracting this traditional attar is very complex, yet complete organic which makes it utterly pure and natural. It has alluring fragrance which certainly revitalizes your mind as well as body. It is also one of the chief ingredients in most of the pharmaceutical products. 

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Botanical Name Jasmine Grandilfflorum
Origin It has originated from India.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used It is extracted by Hydro-Distillation technique. Flowers of black musk are used to extract this perfume oil.

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In the last few years this attar has gained huge attention all across the globe and is also used at a massive scale in various industries. 

Aromatherapy: It possesses very strong medicinal values and highly efficient in calming and soothing mental nerves. Besides this, it is also highly effective in curing mental ailments such as stress, anxiety, mental tension, annoyance, panic attacks and many other such problems. 
Incense Making Industry: In India this attar is used at the sacred places this is the reason why it is used in incense making industry to produce perfumed incense sticks. 
Perfumery: Since ancient times, it is generally used as a natural perfume and worn exclusively by men and women.
Currently, it is used a base or fixative in the formation of perfumes. 
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