Amber Oil

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Amber oil is derived from the tree resins. Its botanical name is Oleum Succini / Anbar.  Native to India, amber is basically a semi solid mass of the gums and resins. Amber oil is produced by mixing amber in a base of beeswax and carrier and essential oils.


This oil has shown amazing psychoactive effect and helps to relax brain waves. Furthermore, it also enhances the sensual pleasure.


Product Details
Botanical Name Pinus succinefera fossil
Origin It is native to China.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used It is extracted from the resins of the tree by dry distillation method.


Amber oil is viscous oil which is dark brown-red in color. 



It has leathery and smoky aroma.

Integrants The main component of Amber oil is succinic acid.
Therapeutic Properties It has several healing properties. Along with this, it is also used in aromatherapy.
Blends Well With


It mixes well with Agarwood CO2, Angelica CO2, Balsam Peru Oil, Carnation Absolute, Cedarwood, Champaca CO2, Davana, Fir Balsam Absolute


It should be avoided by pregnant ladies.

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