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Also known as Jasmine sambac, Motia Attar is extracted from the Palmarosa plant through the steam distillation process. It is yellow in color with sweet, exotic and spicy aroma. This attar was basically originated in India. It is a non sensitizing, non irritating and non toxic attar which is widely used in the field of cosmetic.


The main components of Motia attar are cassia, Benzyl acetate, coumarine, clove and terpineol. It is very popular for its seductive and enchanting scent which is very important in the formulation of cosmetic products. People often use this amazing attar as a perfume and to welcome their guests by sprinkling the attar on them. It is also commonly known as jasmine sambac, Palmarosa oil, and Motia.


 Due to high medicinal property of Motia Attar, it is often used for the treatment of Asthma and similar sensitivities. It is widely used to scent the soaps and other cosmetic products in the cosmetics industries. It opens with the top notes of night blooming jasmine and ends with the amazing essence of sandalwood. It is a perfect blend of night jasmine in the base of sandalwood.  


More Information
Botanical Name Jasmine Sambac
Origin It is basically originated from India.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used This Attar is extracted from the palmarosa plant through the Hydro-Distillation process.

This attar is yellow in color


It has an amazing, sweet, exotic and a spicy aroma. 

Integrants Motia attar comprises a combination of sandalwood oil and night blooming jasmine.
Therapeutic Properties This attar is recommended for asthma and similar diseases. It is also a magical product for granary storage and works as a great insect repellent.
Blends Well With

It blends well with Benzyl acetate, coumarin, clove, cassia and terapine oil.


It is non irritating, non toxic and non sensitizing natural oil. However, it should not be used during the pregnancy.


A recent scientific study has proved that Motia Attar has stimulating and calming effect on the brain which helps in improving the mental alertness. It is thought that the fragrance of the attar promotes the well-being, happiness and health. This attar is also used in the treatment of asthma and some other similar diseases. Due to its insect repellent properties

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