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 Kadam Attar is extracted from the evergreen tropical plant Anthocephalus cadamba using the steam distillation process. Anthocephalus cadamba is a large tree with a crown that is broad and belongs to the Rubiaceae family which is a native of Asia. Its bole is a straight cylinder which is capable of growing up to a maximum height of 4500cm. Due to its soft and sweet aroma; it is widely used in perfume industry. Its aroma can also be described as intense, woody floral and oriental. It is used for the treatment of hoarseness of the throat and eye problems. Out of all the traditional attars, Kadam attar is the most expensive one.

Anthocephalus cadamba is the tree that signifies love and wisdom, and it is considered to be a mystical and sacred tree in India. It mostly grows and blossom in the monsoon season. The petals of this tree point in all the directions, and so, this tree is considered to symbolize wisdom and love. The flowers of this tree are orange to red in color. 
More Information
Botanical Name Anthoephalus cadamba
Origin It is native to India.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used This Attar is extracted through the Hydro-Distillation process from the Anthocephalus cadamba.

The color of Kadam attar is yellow. 



 It has attractive sweet and soft aroma. 


Integrants The main constituents of this attar are Kadam flower essential oil and Indian White Sandalwood essential oil.
Therapeutic Properties The therapeutic properties of this attar are antiseptic and analgesic cicatrizing.
Blends Well With

 Kadam attar blends well with Santalum. 



 It should be used with caution during the pregnancy. 


Perfume industry: Kadam attar has a woody, oriental and intense aroma that is really evoking. Because of such exclusive aroma, many perfume manufacturers use this attar in making perfumes and other scents and scent related products.

Spirituality: The aroma of Kadam attar is so pleasing and calming that it is used by many people in performing various spiritual ceremonies and on other such occasions, it helps in creating a environ that soothes the mind. Also, owing to this property of soothing, it is also used in doing meditation. 

Aromatherapy: Kadam attar is used on a wide scale for performing aromatherapy by many aroma therapists. This attar is also used to effectively treat the problem of throat hoarseness and some medicines that are prepared using this attar are used in curing many eye related ailments.

Anti-depression: The aroma of Kadam attar is so intense and calming that it helps the mind in getting to a relieved state and helps to get rid of stressing thoughts. Because of this property, this attar can also be used in treating the problems of stress and depression.

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