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Hina Musky Attar is extracted from the combinations of various spices, herbs and flowers. This plant produces cluster of eye catching yellow, pink, red or white flowers that smells really amazing.  Flowers of this plant are fragrant and each flower has 5 mm in diameter, with four white petals. It grows well in dry soil rather than damp soil. Although this perfume oil is a native to India but it is prominent all across the world due to its enticing, alluring and fascinating aroma. 

More Information
Botanical Name Lawsonia Inermis
Origin It has originated from India.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used It is extracted by Hydro-Distillation process. Flowers of Hina plant are used to extract this perfume oil.

It is light yellowish in colour. 


It possesses warm, woody, spicy and refreshing fragrance.

Blends Well With

It blends well with Hina zafrani and Indian sandalwood essential oils.


Pregnant women usually avoid using this natural perfume oil without proper medicinal advice. 

Currently, lots of industries are availing the benefits of Hina musky attar on a large scale. Some of the industries which are using this attar at a large scale are listed below. 

Tobacco Industry: Its dazzling and warm flavor is highly beneficial for the tobacco industry which provides unique flavor and aroma to tobacco related products. 
Perfume Industry:  This natural perfume oil has pleasing, fascinating and enchanting aroma that’s why it is used in the production of perfumes as well as incense sticks which required fragrance.
Aromatherapy: Its revitalizing, warm and intoxicating fragrance makes it ideal for aroma therapists to treat patients suffering from mental problems like mental exhaustions, annoyance, stress, anxiety and many others. It has tremendous power to elevate your mood and take out you from the depressed state. 
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