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The highly miraculous Neem seed CO2 oil is yellow to brown in color liquid which is derived from the seed of Azadirachta Indica plant using the CO2 extraction method. This oil is far better than the cold pressed neem oil. It is used as a botanical insecticide, fungicide, and miticide in several medicinal and agricultural purposes. Neem, due to its amazing therapeutic properties has been used since the ancient time for maintaining overall well-being. A topical application of Neem seed CO2 oil is proven to be very effective in aiding skin problems, hair problems, joint pains, injuries, inflammation, and infections. Besides, it is also recognized as one of the best pest control products in homes and crops.

More Information
Botanical Name Azadirachta Indica
Origin Neem tree is native to South East Asia. It is widely grown in Malaysia, India, Mauritius, Laos, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, etc.
Method of Extraction & Part of Plant Used It is extracted from the kernel of the plant Azadirachta Indica through Co2 extraction method.

Yellow to brown color liquid oil.


It comprises the characteristic odor of neem.

Integrants It is composed of Palmitic acid, Oleic acid, Stearic acid, Linoleic acid and several fatty acids.
Therapeutic Properties Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, Cholereticm ,Antioxidative, Antimicrobial, Antihepatotoxic, and Anticarcinogenic
Blends Well With

It blends well with sandalwood, florals, geranium, and cedarwood oil.


Nursing women should avoid using this oil.

Skin Ailments: Use 3 to 4 drops of Neem Seed CO2 oil with your regular skin care cream to control the growth of bacteria and fungus causing warts, scars, dermatitis, acne, and other skin problem.

Heals Cut and Wounds: Neem Seed CO2 oil, due to its antiseptic, and bactericidal properties, works well in healing cuts and wounds. Mix a few drop of neem seed oil in a bowl of warm water and clean the wounds and cut with it twice a day to get the best result. 

Sore Muscles and Joints: Enriched with anti-inflammatory properties, neem seed CO2 oil is proven to be very effective in alleviating the pain associated with muscles and joints. Use this oil regularly to get the best result. 
Excellent Insect Repellant: Neem seed CO2 oil works well in keeping the insects like flies, mosquitoes, and bugs out of your home. Mix few drops of neem seed oil in a bottle of water and spray it all around your home to maintain a healthy environment. 

Great pesticide: Neem seed CO2 oil acts as a natural insecticide, fungicide, and miticide. Mix few drops of neem seed oil, an emulsifying agent like pure castille soap in a bottle of warm water and spray it on the crops to protect it from getting damaged. 
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