Tobacco and Pan Masala

What's so special about tobacco products?

Tobacco and Pan Masala products are made up of entirely or partly dried tobacco leaves as raw materials which are intended to be chewed, smoked, sucked or snuffed. All the tobacco products such as cigars, cigarettes, snuff, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco and flavored shish contain high level of nicotine. Although tobacco is responsible for a large number of lethal ailments such as lung diseases, cancer and cardiovascular diseases despite this it is consumed enormously all across the globe. Usage of tobacco is practiced by approximately 1.1 billion people. However, the rate of smoking is declining in developed countries but it is still on peak in developing countries.

How essential oils helpful in Tobacco products?

Essential oils which are used in the production of tobacco products are extracted from several parts of plants through various complicated techniques. Essential oils play a crucial role in tobacco to maintain its taste and aroma. They are broadly used as a base or fixative ingredient in the formulation of tobacco products. As these oils have dazzling and amazing cologne, they are in a huge demand by tobacco industry. They are also used in flavoring various tobacco based products. It took thousands of years of medical research with tobacco to find out medicinal use. The tobacco plant, Nicotiana, shares its name with word nicotine which is one of the chief ingredients utilized for the production of tobacco.

Why you should look at our store?

Tobacco industry is one of the fastest booming industries and is expected to grow flawlessly in the upcoming years. Tobacco is consumed in various forms by large number of people all across the world. We offer only 100% pure and authentic oils which are used extensively in the production of tobacco products. Our online portal ensures you to get at a price which will not burn a hole in your pockets. Our chief aim is to provide satisfaction to all our customers when they purchase from us. We have fastest shipping deliver with a 30 days money back plan. Essential oils which are used in the production of tobacco products are listed below:-

Almond Bitter Oil: - The smoke whiff produced after burning tobacco containing bitter almond is sweet and earthy. This oil has a warm and sweet smoke taste of cherry and almond.

Cajuput Oil: - It is extracted in pale yellow with eucalyptus odor. This oil has a fragrant aroma.

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