Steam Distillation Method

The steam distillation extraction method is considered as a complex process of extraction which is required for separating two different fragrant compounds. The organic compounds which can be decomposed at higher temperature can be extracted through this process. Perfume Industry extensively uses this process to produce exotic perfumes from various raw materials. It is also known as steam stripping in the sectors like petroleum refineries, petrochemicals plant and others where steam distillation method is used to separate the two organic compounds. When it requires parting the intermediate and final products of any organic compounds, the steam distillation method is the most effective to perfume.

Process of steam distillation

In this process, the steam is used to pass through the organic plants to extract the essential oils from it. The organic compounds such as plants and herbs can decompose easily by passing the steam and then the essential oil which is not soluble in hot water can be easily separated from water. With the effect of hot steam, the tiny glands of plant which contain essential oils release the oil molecules easily and then this oil is separated by using the Florentine separator from the mixture of hot water and oil. By using this process, the natural essence and aroma is kept intact with the extracted oil.

History of the steam distillation process

This extraction process is discovered in the 11th century by a Persian chemist named ibn sina and later it is widely used to extract essential oils. This powerful extraction method brought a complete revolution in the perfumery industry to produce various perfumes so easily.

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