Spa and Rejuvenation

Spa - A perfect way to revitalize your body and mind

A spa is a perfect platform to augment the way you look and feel. Spa offer an ideal opportunity to unwind you and take a break from the rush life. For those people who need a break from their daily hectic schedules between work, home and family, spas should be their first and foremost choice. Today's life is full of pressure that is mentally as well as physically. Nowadays, people seem to be more stressed than ever before. Loaded working hours and busy schedule of the day leaves no space for them to unwind themselves that's why demand of rejuvenation centers and spas is on peak. In the present scenario, spa industry is flourishing with a great pace and is expected to grow dynamically in the future.

Know how essential oils help in Spa and Rejuvenation

Our body is just like a machine, it requires sufficient time to refresh utterly in order to function properly. No one can deny the fact that spas have become an indispensable step to enjoy physical and mental health. Essential oils are highly rejuvenating as well as nourishing in nature that's why they are used enormously in spas to enliven your body with nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants. These oils penetrate deep into your skin and proffer myriad benefits such as a glowing complexion or shining tresses. What impress you most about these oils is that they are non-sticky in nature as they are made up of flowers and several parts of the plants that are extremely beneficial for your skin. Currently, essential oils which are being used by spa industries are listed below

Why Spa has become vital?

Spa is the most popular means used by people to revitalize mentally, physically emotionally as well as spiritually. Spas are prominent for its topnotch services as well as professional customer care. The prominent treatments that one can experience at a spa are exfoliation, facial, mud treatment, water treatment last but not the least body massage. It does not matter how busy you are, proper care of your body should be your top most priority. Visiting a spa is an ideal way to deal with your stress, anxiety, mental tiredness, depression, fatigue more efficiently. The number of people going to spa centres has increased tremendously over the years as it assists them to stimulate their senses, restore energy and soothe nerves. No doubt after spa, people feel much more refreshed from both inside as well as outside.

Amber Oil-: It is highly beneficial in hair treatments, facial steams, light rings, laundry, bath oils and spas.

Cypress Oil-: Aroma therapists widely use this oil for treating their patient to provide relief from stress, anxiety, depression and mental tiredness.

Aniseed Oil-: It is used as a mood fragrance or room fragrance.

Basil Oil-: It is used for massages.

Citronella Java: is also used in candles and soaps.

Cubeb Oil-: It is widely used at spas in massages for relieving stress and muscular aches.

Dill Seed Essential Oil-: revitalizing, restoring, stimulating, purifying, balancing and a cleansing agent.

Dehnul-Oud-: It is used for several aromatherapy purposes.

Eucalyptus Oil-: It has a strong antiseptic nature

Frangipani Oil-: It is in a huge demand for its breathtaking usage in massage and aroma therapies.

Frankincense Oil-: It is widely used in aromatherapy applications. It is also used as an aid to digestion, poultices for boils, cysts, treating allergies and bronchitis.

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