Solvent Extraction Method

When one needs to separate any component either from liquid or solid then solvent extraction method is required to use. It is also referred as liquid-liquid extraction method. This method is highly useful in the sectors where the production of perfumes, biodiesel and essential oils is required. The extraction of plutonium from the nuclear fuel is done through this method and the extracted plutonium again used as the nuclear fuel. This method of extraction can be performed only between those two liquids which don't have property to mix with each other. There are various techniques which are used to extract solvent and the obtained solvent can be in the form of vapor or liquid.


In the chemical industry, this extraction method is widely used to part the important products from the feed stocks. This method of extraction can easily separate one liquid from another which don't have tendency to blend together such as water and any organic solvent. The concentration of required metal ion is performed during whole extraction process after that it needs to purify to complete the process. This complex process of extraction is effectively used in the chemical and biochemical industries to separate two liquids that are not mixable with each other. Many liquid-liquid process use solvents those are less harmful for environment to maintain the environmental balance.

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