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Stimulate your spirituality with Religious Products

India is a Holy Land of God and Goddess. It is a colorful county where myriad religions, languages and cultures hold equal importance. Each religion has its own heroes, legends, pilgrimage sites, and even culinary specialties. India is renowned for its tremendous temples that were built during early eras of Indian history. It is believed that God is omnipresent.

How essential oils play a crucial role in religious products?

Religious products extensively used in the sacred places by the pious people to offer prayer to their god and get their blessings. These oils were also used in auspicious endeavors and religious ceremonies for purification. They are ideal to provoke spiritual feeling in you. Religious products have been used from the ancient times to cure myriad health problems. Essential oils which are used in the formulation of these products are extracted from numerous parts of plants using various extraction techniques and that's why are utterly pure and impeccable in nature. Essential oils used in the production of various religious products such as dhoop sticks, incense sticks, hawan samagri are enormously used by sacred people for worshiping their God. Not only this, they are also used for creating pure aura as well as in room cologne.

From where you can procure unadulterated essential oils

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Essential oils which are used in religious products are listed below:-

Cypriol Oil:- It is used in the production of Incense sticks.

Basil Oil:- It is widely used for inhalation, in baths and for massages.

Jasmine Oil: - This oil helps in toning up the body as well as takes care of the dry, greasy, irritated and sensitive skin.

Lemon Oil:- It helps in calming as well as relieving migraines and headaches. Besides this it is helpful for treating rheumatism and arthritis.

Lavender Oil:- Lavender oil has strong medicinal properties for treating halitosis, laryngitis, asthma, colds, throat infections & whooping cough.

Lotus Oil:- Lotus Oil has ideal therapeutic and stimulant properties. This oil is associated with stimulating love as well as helps in increasing sexuality, fertility and longevity.

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