Hydro Distillation Process

Hydro Distillation is one of the oldest methods used for the extraction of oils from the different part of the plants such as wood and flower petals. It has a long history of application in various ancient civilizations of Persia, India, China, and Egypt. This process is an alternate to steam distillation method when pure oil cannot be captured by the plants using traditional methods. In this method, water and oil are exclusively separated through condensation method to retain all the essential properties of the plant or flowers. 

Process Of Hydro Distillation

While extracting oil through this process, the plant material is soaked in the water that is placed over a container over heat. The container material should be manufactured using copper, stainless steel or glass along with a condensing unit attached to a receiving flask. During the boiling process, the steam as well as oil vapor is captured in the condensing apparatus. Excessive water from the resultant mixture is made to dispense out through an opening in the condensing apparatus. The final product hence obtained in the receiving flask contains only the distillate. Moreover, the excessive water is referred as 'hydrosol' that has a significant amount of plant essence can also be used in various cases. For example, rose hydrosol or rose water is commonly used for its pleasing floral aroma, mild antiseptic, and soothing properties.

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