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Cosmetic/ Beauty products- to nurture your beauty with care

These days people are becoming very conscious about their looks, they want to look young & appealing. For the same, they are using varied beauty care products. Owing to which beauty care products industry has seen a great hike in recent years and is expected to augment more in near future.

In market there are number of beauty care products available but the most effective are those which have been processed by using the natural oils. Cosmetics with cheap chemicals can affect your skin and can give negative results. So, generally cosmetics with essential oils are widely used.

Essential oils - A nature gift

Essential oils are unstable and liquid aroma compounds that are extracted from the varied parts of a plant such as seeds, wood, roots, leaves, fruits, peel and flowers. Since essential oils are basically aroma compounds due to which these evaporate easily, are immediately absorbed by the skin, have poor solubility in water and have odor. Essential oils are formulated via fragrance extraction techniques like cold pressing, distillation or extraction. These oils are basically the blend of varied individual aroma compounds.

Make your skin glowing and smooth with essence of nature

There are number of essential oils available, each one of those has its unique antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties and features. These oils are not just used for their fragrance but also because of their ability to cure several skin ailments. Essential oils have the capability to revivify your skin and shield it from the harmful effect of pollutants, infections and skin diseases. Owing to the above mentioned qualities, essential oils are widely utilized in the making of cosmetics. Moreover, essential oils have relaxation and skin curing properties due to which these are added in bath water, massage oils, liquid cleansers, homemade facials & masks, facial oils and in floral waters & mists.

We are widely recognized as one reputed organizations engaged in providing quality approved essential oils that are extensively used in the preparation of beauty products due to their ability to fight against skin ageing, healing and eradication of skin ailments like allergies & acne.

These days skin care and beauty products have essential oil as their primary ingredients. Listed below are some of the essential oils that are widely utilized for preparing good quality beauty products.

Angelica Root Oil- It is widely utilized for the purpose of refreshing skin.

Balsam Oil- This is used as a main ingredient in the formulation of perfumes, creams and soaps. Basil Oil- It rejuvenates sluggish skin

Bay Leaf- This is used as one of the main constituents of cosmetics, men's soaps, cosmetics, colognes and hair tonics due to its dandruff controlling properties and ability to increase hair growth.

Benzoin Pure - Widely utilized in the making of perfume oils, bath oils, massage oils, facial steams, diffusers, body fragrance, lotions and soap.

Bergamot Mint Oil- Extensively utilized in perfumes and cosmetics.

Costus Root Oil- It can treat skin infections and psoriasis due to which it is used in the formulation of cosmetics.

Bitter Almond Oil- Owing to its moisturizing property, it is widely used in many skin care products.

Bitter Orange Oil- Revives dull skin

Black Cumin Seed Oil- It moist dry skin, cure skin diseases and removes dandruff.

Cinnamon Bark Oil- It is an additive used for making lotions, creams and soaps fragrant.

Curry leaf Oil- It strengthen hair shaft.

Cypriol Essential Oil- Utilized in soaps and perfumes.

Cypress Oil-To combat excessive perspiration, hemorrhoids, menorrhagia, oily skin

Dehnul-Oud- Used as an additive in branded perfumes.

Davan Oil- It is extensively utilized in cosmetics and perfume industries.

Davana Essential Oil is utilized in the perfume creams for healing dry and coarse skin

Earth Soil Attar- This attar can make skin supple and glowing due to which it is utilized in skin care products.

Evening Primrose- is particularly useful for aged skin type and it also used to battle cellulites.

Fennel Oil stops wrinkles and gives cleansing and toning effect by removing oil from skin. Frankincense Essential Oil is used in perfumery.

Fir Balsam Absolute- Used in bath preparations, shaving creams and soaps.

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