Cold Pressed Method

Cold Pressed method is one of the oldest extraction methods to obtain natural essential oils. This mechanical process doesn't require any external heat to make the process proceed further because the temperature required for its functioning is gathered internally. This process is also referred as expression method and the heat generated internally due to friction must not increase beyond 120 degree Celsius. Though, it is not considered good for extracting vegetables oils but is very remarkable organic extraction process to derive the essential oils from various raw materials.

The steps involved in cold pressing

There are various steps which are involved in this process to finalize the extraction of different essential oils. This process required the grinding of various raw materials like fruits, flowers, seeds, vegetables and other parts of the plants or herbs. While grinding the temperature is kept minimal, below the 120 degree Celsius so that the excessive heat won't spoil the natural essence of oil. The fatty portion of these raw materials which contain oil glands is pricked and then it is pressed mechanically to obtain the complete juice. Now, in the last step, centrifugation process is used to part the pure essential oil from the juice obtained. Though, the essential oil extracted through the cold pressed method is having short life but still the quality is considered as the best than any other methods.

History of the cold pressed method

The German word 'kalt geschlagen' is the source from where cold pressed word is derived which means cold pummeled. In ancient times, this process is used at various places and so the maximum internal temperature. In Switzerland, for cold press method the temperature must not increase more than 50 degree Celsius. While in Germany, the women used to perfume this process manually by using a container where seeds are poured and a wooden frame which driven in to it to extract the oil and in this process the temperature doesn't go higher than 95 degree Celsius.

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