What is Aromatherapy?

'Aroma' means a sweet smell or fragrance and ‘therapy’ means a healing or treatment designed to cure. Aromatherapy is a healing or treatment process in which plants extracts are used as massage oils. Plant oils are specifically blended to address certain health related issues. Aromatherapy is an absolute holistic therapy that affects not only your body but it also soul and mind.


History of Aromatherapy

The ideology of using essential oils as an effective treatment is very old. Before Christ, the Egyptians used plant extracts for medicinal and cosmetics purposes. The records of aromatherapy are also available in bible with people using plants extracts for religious purposes as well as treatment of various diseases.

In the 13th century, the pure essential oils were used for medicinal purposes in England. Plants extracts were first used for the treatment of plague infection. The herbs used for these treatments were powerful bactericides and disinfectants.

However, it was the French scientist René-Maurice Gattefossé, who revealed the further uses of pure essential oils. At the time of test, he burnt his hand severely and plunged it into a nearby pot of lavender oil. He noticed that the burn healed within few hours and didn’t leave any mark. After that, he further researched about the medicinal use of plant oils which revealed that it was possible for essential oil to travel into the blood as well as penetrate the skin. In 1928, he used the word “aromatherapy” for this magical treatment.



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