Turmeric oil – A nature gift to mankind

Do you want an easy and natural way to get relief from your acne problem? If yes then turmeric essential oil is one of the blessings from nature to solve your all skin related problems. This pure oil works as an antiseptic solution in your skin to make it more charming and glowing. It is derived through the steam distillation process from the root of curcuma longa.  The botanical name given to this plant is curcuma longa and it is also known by the name of Indian saffron.  India is the place from where Turmeric essential oil is originated and now it is reached to the different parts of the world.

Nature of Turmeric oil

This pure oil is having a very spicy and woody fragrance and comes in green to yellow color. It is the combination of various chemical components which includes a-turmerone, limonene, 1,8-cineole, phellandrene, zingiberine, and zingiberin. For the better results you can blend it with other essential or carrier oil such as cistus, cananga,  ylang ylang, ginger and many more. The magnificent oil of turmeric is very beneficial in treating the various allergies and having antibiotic properties which is very beneficial for glowing skin. It contains the tremendous properties such as analgesic, aphrodisiac, anti-arthriticanti-oxidant, bactericidal, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, digestive stimulant and many more which is useful in treating various health complications.

Females are mostly conscious about their beauty and always try new products and cosmetic. The magical turmeric oil is very effective and gives the best results in removing the blemishes for fresh and glowing skin. It is also used to add the extra flavor in variety of food dishes.  It works as a coloring agent and provides the golden appearance to your food and also used in making of pickles, mayonnaise and sauces.

This essential oil of turmeric is having the innumerable benefits in which some are discussed below-:

  • Turmeric is useful in improving your digestive system and effectively purifies your blood to get relief from your congestion and other stomach problems.
  • This oil works as an excellent natural antibiotic agent and provides the great relief from stress and body pain.
  • It is the rich source of Vitamin C ,E and used for cooking purpose
  • It is a natural cosmetic and used in making of many cosmetic beauty products. It is helpful in controlling the wrinkle and makes you look more beautiful.
  • It is very helpful in reducing the stress and anxiety therefore it is used in many massage centers for aroma therapy.
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