The Hidden Benefits of Onion Oil

Onion is which is also known as Pyaaz, or bulb onion is the highly cultivated species of the genus Allium. It is cultivated on a worldwide basis. The most common usage of Onion as we all know is in culinary aspects. In India, it is used on a very diverse aspect. In botanical terminology, it is also known as Allium Cepa. The Onion oil which is extracted from the Onion bulbs which contains vitamin A, B and C in abundance is done by the process of steam distillation. The credit for the origination of this oil belongs to Germany. This oil is highly used in the food industry. The fragrance of this oil is really very unpleasant and its color can be anywhere between yellow to golden brown. The onion plant from which it is extracted is a perennial herb that grows hollow leaves on itself. The chemical constituents of this oil are like Sulfur compounds, dipropyl disulfide, methylpropyl and dipropyl trisulphide. This oil is used in blend with other essential oils and carrier oils. To manifold the effects of this oil use, it is used with Sandalwood oil.

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We, at Allin exporters render pure and fresh Onion oil. It is very useful in the treatment of weight problems and glandular imbalance. For the persons suffering from ailments like cough and colds, Onion oil is really helpful. Also, people use this oil as an active blood cleanser that helps in the process of purification of blood and this further improves the overall health of the body. For skin too, this oil can be used in order to make it clear and glowing. Obesity can also be treated by the use of this oil.

Apart from the above uses, the other benefits of this oil are mentioned below:-

onion oil benefits

Diuretic: By being a diuretic, it is meant that this oil helps in increasing the frequency of urination in any person and by doing so it effectively aids in the removal of toxic agents from the body. Onion oil being an effective diuretic also has the same attributes and it also aids in removal of toxic agents like uric acid, bile etc. from the body. This diuretic attributes also decrease the chances of a person to become a victim of diseases like rheumatism, acne, arthritis, boils, and various other diseases too.

Expectorant: By being an expectorant it is meant that it helps in the treatment of many ailments in which the patients suffer from congestion. Some diseases which involve the problem of congestion are like cough, sinus, and such others. Onion is a great expectorant which can be used to treat these congestion associated problems. The use of onion essential oil results in opening up the blocked passage which makes way for the sputum to come out. When the sputum is released out from the body, the patients start to get relief from their ailment.

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