Pure Jasmine Sambac oil – A true blessing of nature

The wonderful Jasmine sambac oil is derived from the gorgeous plant jasmine sambac. This Arabian plant grows up to the height of 8 feet and has beautiful white blossoms. This flower is popularly denoted as national flower of Philippines and broadly practiced in Hawaii and china for various purposes. It is widely believed that this essential oil miraculously treats headaches and also considered as a mystic symbol of purity and love for Indonesians. This oil is also signifies as a lovers body oil because of its innumerable skin care benefits.

Nature of miraculous jasmine sambac oil

Today, jasmine sambac oil is one of the most beneficial oil available due to its enormous health advantages and pleasing aroma. Since the ancient era, this amazing essential oil is practiced to aid numerous ailments and as a refreshing source of fragrance. The pure oil of jasmine sambac is extracted through the process of solvent extraction from the plant Jasminum Offcinale which is native to India. This oil is comprises of various therapeutic properties such as uterine, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, sedative, anti-spasmodic, parturient, cicatrisant and galactagogue which helps in the treatment of various diseases. Organic jasmine sambac oil is yellowish to brown in color and has a floral musky aroma. It poses a propensity of mixing well with other essential oils that includes frankincense, bergamot, sandalwood, orange, palmorosa, geranium and rose.

 The innumerable benefits of natural jasmine sambac essential oil

  • Treats Depression: Jasmine sambac oil is extensively used to treat various health problems such as headaches, depression and dullness. It works incredibly for the people who are suffering from severe depression as it effectively help in revitalizing and restoring the energy of the person
  • Respiratory Problems: It effectively helps in the proper functioning of the respiratory system and recovers other related infections and allergies to the breathing phenomena.
  • Relieves Pains:  The naturally extracted jasmine oil relives muscular pains, sprain, joint pains and stiff limbs.
  • Aphrodisiac: This oil effectively stimulates the sexual desires in the body and also cures the deficiency of libido which leads to the problem of impotency and premature.
  • Skin Care: It is considered to be really beneficial for the skin as it acts as a one of the most active agent in the production of creams, soaps and other products.
  • Perfume Industry: Its pleasing floral scent makes it quite celebrated in the making of various perfumes and deodorants.

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