Alcohol Extraction Process

By using the alcohol extraction process, the quality of various products like whisky, wines, beer and many others drinks are kept up to the mark. The high quality of essential oils extracted from the raw materials by using this highly efficient and latest extraction technology. This extraction process is extensively practiced to make organic products sweet. This method is carried out at low temperature to protect the natural essence and flavor of essential oil.

Process of alcohol Extraction

The low temperature of 28 degree Celsius is required to heat the wine to perform this extracted method which is performed in the vacuum condition. The low temperature is used to keep the quality of product high because in the high temperature the organic products has tendency to lose their properties. When the distillation process is done the obtained flavor compound is added again in the wine and all these processes which are highly complicated to perform manually are controlled by a computer. This is considered as the most efficient way to extract highest quality of the essential oil.

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